Meth Pipe Pictures
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Meth Pipe Pictures

Meth pipe pictures illustrate that the device used for smoking methamphetamine consists of a stem with a bulb. The bulb has a hole in the top. Currently, smoking meth is the most popular method of abusing this drug throughout most of North America. Normally, a glass pipe ("gak," "stem,") is used to smoke the drug, or some type of makeshift device will be used such as a light bulb. The term "pizzo" has many definitions, but in the world of methamphetamine, it refers to the glass pipe used for smoking crystal meth. These pipes are referred to by the stores that sell them as "oil burners," "mystic vases," or "the rose." Often they have a flower inserted in them, which enables the store owner to get around the legal hassles in selling them.

However, when you walk into a store and ask for an "oil burner," whether they sell them or not, they know you are either talking about a crack pipe or a meth pipe; even though meth pipes and crack pipes are different. They are somewhat similar in the fact that meth liquefies when heated, and it's necessary to see it as you're smoking it. Meth pipe pictures notes that these glass pipes sell for between three and twelve dollars and the profit margin is very high as they're usually made very inexpensively in India or China. Meth pipes and inhalers are also referred to as a "stem" in some regions.

Sometimes there are legitimate uses for the devices people use as meth pipes. The legit use for some of these devices is to put the hole on the top of an eucalyptus oil bottle and inhale. It is important to note that there are variations on the design. Some meth pipe pictures will show pipes that have bent stems so they can be placed in bongs and smoked that way, as well as ones with multiple bends and bulbs called "waterdogs". In this case, the meth user puts water in the actual pipe.

Often, meth users will make their own "pipes"�'�'. Meth pipe pictures depicts some of these "homemade"�'�' meth pipes. Users will make a scoop out of a straw by cutting the end off it, sealing one end with a lighter and cutting the other end diagonally so it makes a scoop. Then they scoop up crystals into it and then drop them down into the bulb through the stem. Next thing they do to smoke it is hold the stem in their thumb and index finger and light the lighter under the bulb.

Meth pipe pictures has found that meth users will often spin their meth pipe while they are smoking it. They will start tilting it from side to side with their fingers, but never so that the now liquefied meth can come out through the hole. When they are done, they need to have a wet cloth or a sponge nearby. This is to aid them in cooling down their pipe and lighter by rubbing them on the wet sponge.

Meth Pipe Meth Pipe and Crystal Meth
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Meth Pipe Pictures
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